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From the Saddle of the Chair

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Welcome to the 2015 season!!!

I want to take this opportunity to welcome new and “experienced” Barrie Simcoe Cycling Club members to the 2015 season.

First a quick introduction…..I have lived in Barrie for over 10 years with my wife Angie and 2 super kids, Reece (6) and Will (2).  I am passionately involved in the community and love to ride my bike.  My current Community involvement includes:

  • Member – Georgian College Power of Education Campaign Cabinet
  • Rotarian – Rotary Club of Barrie
  • Director – Toronto Ski Club
  • Co-Founder – Gilda’s Club Simcoe Muskoka Cycling Team
  • Past Chair – Gilda’s Club Simcoe Muskoka

This past fall/winter has brought some changes to the BSCC with the announcement of a new board of directors.  Here we are:

Cliff Lilley – VP Research and Development, Wolf Steel Ltd.

Jeanette Heywood – VP, Philanthropy & Brand Management, YMCA of Simcoe Muskoka

Kathleen Trainor – Executive Director, Tourism Barrie

Craig Stevens – Managing Director, Downtown Barrie Business Association (BIA)

Please note, we are in the process of adding directors to our Board.  Notification will come out very soon on the process for application.

Collectively we have established a foundation to start a Strategic Plan for the club. This will allow us to better communicate what we are setting out to do, what the results have been and why and where we are heading ‘if the roads change’. More importantly, establish formalities around “who we are” and “how do we ensure an incredible member experience”.

The Board has recently adopted a Social Media and Reputation Management Policy that we expect all BSCC Directors and Members to adhere to.  This policy is in its final draft and will be posted to the BSCC website in the near future.

There are incredible opportunities in front of us, and some of these opportunities a ‘traditional bike club’ wouldn’t necessarily have.  Thanks to the momentum already generated from work previously done, and the generous support of our members, sponsors and grant applications, we have the opportunity, as a club, to advocate on behalf of cycling as a mode of active transportation including developing the supporting local infrastructure, cycling tourism development and youth development and involvement. All while promoting our great cycling region. We will endeavor to take this on in a pragmatic, organized and deliberate direction and there will be opportunity for those who want to get involved to get involved!

How about we talk about ‘biking’!!!!…

The winter seemed to take forever and some of us have been warriors battling the cool, wet weather just to say we are outside on our bikes!  The first Tuesday night ride went over a week ago and what a beauty day it was for the Annual Pancake ride last Sunday. We have some great beginner groups getting together to learn about our great sport. We are beefing up our Morning Group rides to hopefully create a full spectrum of structured workouts for those early risers! Let us know if you are one of those ‘early birds’ who can’t wait to hit the road. These rides start the beginning of May.  Be sure to check out our website for all of our ride opportunities and the supporting details.  And….look out!!….we have also struck a member engagement and culture committee (long winded way of saying Social Committee).

Over the next four weeks I plan on sending a weekly email that will give our members some insight to the accomplishments, challenges, headwinds and tailwinds we are all riding with. This will lead up to a Town Hall for the end of May in order for us to get together before the season gets into full swing! We will confirm the date in the next issue.

On a final note…Let’s be clear….we join the club, we get involved, we encourage each other….all because we like to ride bikes.  We are a cycling club….and it is our intention to ensure we provide an incredible experience for all of our members.

Next to watch for…Issue #2 of “From the Saddle of the Chair” we will dive into all of the great things we are doing as a “traditional bike club”.  Issue #3 we will cover all of the opportunities that our grant applications have afforded us. Issue #4 we will bring it all together in order to present how we are moving forward with the encouragement of all to get involved!

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at any time.


Graydon Oldfield – BSCC Chair
Associate Director, Senior Wealth Advisor, ScotiaMcLeod

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This week’s Club Rides

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Hi Fellow Club Members,

Wow, one week into Group Ride season, and our Club is already 150 members strong. Thank you so much for choosing to join and ride with the BSCC!

Last week saw some great rides out of Sunnidale Park and Memorial Square, and it looks like tonight will build upon that with even better weather! Both rides depart at 6pm, and will likely return into Barrie around sundown, minutes before eight. Tonight let’s all get together for some socializing after the rides. Meet at Pie 2 on the Lakeshore at 8pm for some tasty beverages and pizza.
A reminder that the Tuesday evening rides are meant for experienced cyclists who have ridden in a group and are able to maintain about a 28kph pace downtown, and a 31kph pace out of Sunnidale. Also please make sure you have a rear light on your bike for the ride back into town.

Tomorrow evening kicks off our Introductory Group Ride. This is THE ride for you if you’re new to group riding, though we hope you’ve got some solo riding experience before coming out. The pace is casual, and we aim to leave nobody behind. We have a lot of fun and some great conversations. Join us leaving from Johnson’s Beach at 6pm for about 1.5hours.

Our annual Pancake ride out to Shaw’s was a huge success with a great group. Thanks to all who helped kick off riding season.

With the onset of warm, almost summer like weather we are going to add a Sunday Club ride out of Fred Grant Square for this week at 9am. Expect a social pace around 28-30kph and experienced group riders for this one.

Next Sunday is our annual adopted road clean-up. This typically takes about 2 hours. This year we’ll get started at 9, meeting at the corner of Range Road and Ridge. Please bring gloves and appropriate footwear! There will be no group ride.

Our Ride Leaders committee are still looking for some more people to help coordinate rides through the season. Please indicate your interest and availability HERE. Apologies if you tried this link last week and it didn’t work, my bad.

Our full ride calendar is available online: 2015 BSCC Ride Calendar

A reminder that PedalFest is happening on Saturday May 30. The Provinces first fully-inclusive cycling event. We are in need of people to help throughout the day, please sign up.

We would like to help more Club members become certified as NCCP/CS4L coaches, become certified Ontario Cycling Race Commissaires, and gain valuable First Aid training this season. If you have any interest in learning new skills, getting new certifications, and giving back to the Club, please email us and let us know your interest!

Club Jerseys are expected to ship on April 27, and the Club would like to invite everyone to a Club Social at Donaleighs Irish Pub on Thursday May 7 to pick up their jersey and to meet your fellow Club mates with their clothes on for a change.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter: @BarrieCycling and like us on facebook too: /BarrieCycling.


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2015 Club Registration is now LIVE –>

Comments Off 17 February 2015

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year, and welcome to the first Barrie/Simcoe Cycling Club update email of 2015!

Your new Club executive have been meeting regularly since the AGM, and plans for the upcoming season are really coming along very well. We’ve started work on a strategic plan for the Club, based off the epic Mt Ventoux climb. Our plan features 21 switchbacks, which each represent an area of focus for the Club. It’s our hope that this new plan will help guide the Club over the next five years, while also providing a solid framework for future growth and endeavours.

Some of the areas we’re focussing on include CycleSimcoe, our cycling strategy development project which is being lead by Brendan Matheson. Last year we were excited to work with Oro-Medonte to create some official, signed and mapped road riding routes through the Municipality. Since that time, interest has exploded and CycleSimcoe is printing three printed maps this year with new ones coming for the Heart of Georgian Bay and another for the Huronia region of Simcoe County. CycleSimcoe will be at the Toronto Bike show next week, make sure to stop in and say hi! If CycleSimcoe is something you’ve not heard of before, please click here and keep reading: CycleSimcoe

Another project we’re excited to be involved with came out of our participation in the City of Barrie’s Active Transportation Working Group, and is a School Travel Planning Pilot project. We’ve partnered with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, The City of Barrie and both the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board and the Simcoe County District School Board to help understand the travel patterns at select Barrie schools. Once the patterns and barriers are understood, our team of STP coaches will help develop ‘custom fit’ solutions for those schools to enable more children to walk or wheel to school. We believe that this project has the potential to help create healthier kids and a better community for everyone. If you’d like some more info, you can check out the Walk or Wheel website.

We are partnering with the Elmvale Bears’ ASAP (All Sports, All People) program to offer an 8 week para-cycling course this summer. A first for the region and our Club. If you’re interested in learning more details or you’d like to help out, please let me know!

Obviously our group rides are an important part of the Club experience and we’re excited to be offering the largest number of weekly rides that we ever have! We’ve done our best to ensure there are rides available for people of every fitness or ability level. We’ve already scheduled our first Essential Skills of Group Riding course for the 9th and 10th of May. If this is something that you’re interested in, please let us know as space will be limited. This course will be complementary with your Club membership for 2015. During the peak of riding season, your cycling Club is offering 18 different ride opportunities each week! You can check out our ride calendar. If you’re interested in helping out being a ride leader this year, please contact or to let them know. We’ve got some great incentives this year for our ride leaders so don’t wait!

Our Annual Youth Cup Race is being held on Saturday, May 30 this year. A week later than in years past. We are also adding some new racing to this day. A para-cycling race will take place after the Youth Cup, and then in the late afternoon and evening we’ll be hosting an Ontario Cup Crit race for men & women all using our course in the south end of Barrie on King & Reid St. We’ve very excited to offer a full day of racing for all ages and abilities. We hope that you’re excited too, we’ll need your help to make this a fun, safe and successful day for everyone.

Hopefully everyone has been able to take advantage of the indoor training facilities that are now open for business in town. I have seen many Club members at both the Rad Room and at Real Deal Performance. Personally, I’m not tough enough to ride inside, but I have been able to get out and do some rides outside this winter. I sure am ready for some warm weather though!

We are currently working on arranging some additional benefits for your membership. Discounts around town, information sessions on things like training with power and nutrition and a series of regular Club social activities. Big thanks to Connie White for her help with this!

Additionally we’re going to put together a surveymonkey so that we can hear from you about the Club and what you’d like to get out of it. This should be ready to go in a few weeks. Some other things we’re cooking up are a Club trip to Joyride 150, and some Club visits to the Milton velodrome. If you have interest in either of these ideas, please let us know as well.

In the meantime, Club registration for 2015 is now open, and for a limited time (until March 5), you can get a FREE Club Jersey with your standard Club Registration. Don’t hesitate and miss this great opportunity. I for one would love to see a group ride this summer where every single participant is wearing our Club colours. How cool would that be??! Make sure you aren’t the odd one out, Register TODAY!

Here’s hoping we see you on the road sooner rather than later!


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Post-AGM Update

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Post-AGM Update
Hi Everyone,
I hope everyone is doing well and that you’re all on the way to being ready for the impending holiday season. I wanted to take a few minutes to update everyone about our new board, and to give a quick update on the items which were discussed at this year’s AGM.

We had a great turn-out, with nearly 40 members in attendance. Thanks to everyone who took the time and effort to make it out, especially on a night that saw so much snow dumped on us! If you’re interested I have posted my President’s Report on the website, feel free to click through and read it.

We heard from Cliff Lilley our Treasurer, the Club is in a strong financial position. We will be investing in a risk management plan, and a flyover for next year’s Cyclocross race this year.

Adam Pugsley sent in an Events report and many of you are to thank for enabling the Club to put on two very successful and smooth Provincial level races. Our Youth Cup in the spring, and the CX race in the fall. Not only were our events well attended, they were well enjoyed, and smoothly run. Big thanks to everyone who volunteered, the members of the events committee and our Event Chair Adam Pugsley!

Jeremy Simmons and Ryan Tayler gave us an update on our ride programme this year and the vast majority of feedback received has been positive. A few challenges which we all need to work on include better adoption of the social paceline, more people willing to be ride leaders, even if only for one ride each month, it would help a great deal. We’ve got some ideas to make being a ride leader next season a sweeter deal than it’s been in the past. We also realize that everyone develops fitness at different times, and so it can be hard to find a ride that fits when joining the Club mid-season. Next year we’re developing some staggered rides through the summer to help alleviate this. We also hope to add a family style ride, and some rides for those who abhor spandex.

Brendan Matheson updated the Club about our CycleSimcoe Project. You can catch up on most if the goings on there on the website: CycleSimcoe

Our new School Travel Planning coaches provided an update on this exciting new project, you can get details on that here: STP

We welcomed four new board members to the Club, which represents a significant growth from previous years. I am very excited to welcome Graydon Oldfield, Jeanette Heywood, Craig Stevens and Kathleen Trainor to the board!

We have already had our first meeting, with a second set for next week. We’re focussing on a strategic plan first, our own Alpe D’Huez with 21 switchbacks. We look forward to sharing this with everyone as it’s developed. We’ll also be working to update the Club’s bylaws and Constitution as part of this process. We’ll be focussing on our subcommittees as well. If you are interested in helping the Club further next season, let us know if something sounds up your alley. We’ve got subcommittees for Rides & Leaers, Events, Rider Development, and a newly minted one for Culture, engagement & communication. We are also hoping to create a Bike Month committee as well. Plans for next year include a mentorship program, a greatly expanded offering of early morning glory rides six days a week, and a Club Yellow Jersey winner each week as well.

The Club have also decided to move our clothing order to Champion System for next year, which will allow us to offer you an unprecedented variety of Club clothing, but at far less cost and risk to the Club’s own finances though the use of a customized store for our members. As per a vote at the AGM, next year’s early season membership (Before Feb 14, 2015) will include a jersey with the cost of registration. Members who join after this date will be able to order a jersey at cost. We hope this not only encourages you to register early, but also that we can have rides next season where everyone is wearing their Club colours.

However you celebrate, have a great holiday season!


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2014 President’s Report

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Hi everyone,

Welcome to this year’s AGM, thanks everyone for coming out. I hope that you’ve all brought ideas about how the Club can improve and get even better for next season. It’s great to see some many of you here tonight!

What a season it’s been. Personally it was one of the best of my life, I didn’t break anything for a change. lol. We sure did have a lot of rainy Tuesday and Wednesday evenings though didn’t we? Hoping that next season the weather patterns are better for summertime evenings.
The Club didn’t grow in 2014, but we didn’t get much smaller either. We had 204 members this year. 59 of whom were women. A new record for the Club. I believe we can attribute a lot of this growth to the great work and leadership from Lesley Johnson on the Monday evening ladies ride. I am definitely hoping that this ride will continue to grow next season and I believe that Connie White is going to ensure this happens. Our eldest Club member this season is 71 and our youngest is 11, giving us a 61 year age range between Club members. The average oge of the Club went up a tiny bit this year, with the average age being 43.

Our Club ride offerings has continued to grow, and this season’s Wednesday evening intro to group riding was a huge success with I think every single participant having ‘graduated’ to a different Club ride before the season ended. I enjoyed many of these rides personally and want to thank everyone for making it so much fun to be there. Ryan and Jeremy will touch a bit more deeply on our group rides and ride leaders with their update.

Our Provincial level race events went very well this season, largely due to the work put in by 2014 events coordinator Adam Pugsley. Adam handled the details for both races this year and they were among the smoothest events we’ve done as a Club. The CX Race was likely the smoothest ever as I’m sure those of you who worked the registration desk can attest. Attendance was down a wee bit with the Youth Cup, but our CX race had nearly as many entrants as when we hosted Provincial Championships. We did not get a flyover built for this season, but we have been in discussion with an engineer to sign off on a plan, and someone else who is capable of building this feature. We expect it will be complete for the 2015 race. Adam has provided me with the following update on his behalf as he’s not able to join us tonight. I’ll read that now.

The Interclub races which we ran were well attended, safe and fun races. Some of the other races this season had fewer participants than we’re used to seeing, which prompted some discussions as to whether it was time to retire the series after nearly 20yrs. The good news is that the series will continue, due in part to the Collingwood Club being added as an Organizing Club. Mountainview Members who wish to race will join BSCC or Newmarket as Affiliate members in order to race. This series is quite honestly the best way to get accustomed to racing your bikes. If you haven’t been to one yet, please come out to one next season. We’ll announce race dates hopefully before the new year so that it’s easy to schedule around them.

Our TT Series had the best turnout in many years, partially due to the entry fee being removed as per a motion at last year’s AGM. We had pretty strong volunteer support for the series this year. We definitely intend to continue these again next season as they are a great training tool, and way to monitor your own progress on the bike as the season progresses.

We have continued as an active participant of the City’s Active Transportation Working Group, and late this year we have begun to see some of the fruits of this labour. Three local roads were right-sized removing a lane of car traffic, and adding bike lanes on each side. Hurst Drive, Prince William Way and Livingstone St were done this fall. Next spring four more streets will be right-sized including Dean Ave, Ferndale Dr, Madelaine and Cundles Rd. We also hope to see bike lanes added on Ardagh Rd, and are pushing for a pilot project to connect Grove Street end to end with bike lanes as well. This represents a colossal shift in the future planning and development of our City, and it’s very exciting to see this change beginning to happen. Making cycling safer for all members of our community is a win for all of us.

Through the AT Working Group, we have created a School Travel Planning Sub-Committee. Through this group, the cycling Club with partners at the SMDHU and both local school boards are initiating pilot projects at three local schools next year. To help ensure this project is successful the Club have contracted two school travel planning coaches; Linda Middleton and Grant Wilson. I will give them an opportunity to update you about their exciting project shortly. A secondary part of our STP project is that the Club’s development committee will be offering our ABC’s of cycling program at each of the pilot schools which have been chosen. There is also the opportunity to offer the same programming at other local schools through our partnership with both local school boards.

Brendan Matheson has continued working hard on our Cycle Simcoe initiative and I’m pretty proud to let you all know that he is exceeding all targets and we’re going to see strategy adoption in up to seven Municipalities on 2015. He will provide a more comprehensive update shortly.

We continue to clean our adopted section of Ridge Road, and near the end of the season the County have thanked us by paving the remaining rough stretches of Ridge Road through the town of Shanty Bay and through Oro Station. It’s now smooth sailing all the way to the 11th line! Rumour has it that for next season’s clean-up, the County will be rewarding us with the installation of some Share the Road signage along Ridge.

We did a successful Club clothing order from Sugoi this season. We still have some items left, if you’re interested in grabbing a jersey or shorts, it’s not too late. We will likely be ordering clothing through Champ-Sys next season. They have some great options that enable us to offer more variety at less cost to the Club, much less guesswork when it comes to the order size and which sizes to order which we are looking forward to!

Looking ahead to next year one of the first things I would like to do is develop a membership satisfaction and new ideas survey which we will send to all of you via email. After that feedback has been received, we would then host a Club Summit for further discussion with everyone about the feedback and areas where you would like to see us grow further. I am looking forward to watching our Development committee grow with the help of Ed Veal who has offered to join this committee. Connie White has offered to help kickstart a new committee focussed on culture, engagement & communication, something I know I can use the help with!

As well we will be having our Constitution and ByLaws updated to reflect the rules in the new not for profit corporations act.


Here are some updated numbers relating to our Social Media Statistics this year:!
Twitter: 1457
FB page: 298 likes
FB Group: 88 Members
Website: 8500 visits, 21,000 pageviews
Newsletter: First year with Mail chimp. 180 subscribers, 55% open rate and 7% click through rate
CycleSimcoe: 12,000 visits, 25,500 pageviews

Announcement, Annual General Meeting

AGM Tomorrow, sign up today!

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Our Annual General Meeting is tomorrow evening at Kenzington Burger Bar in downtown Barrie beginning at 7pm. This is your opportunity to provide guidance and direction into what the Club does for you next season and over the winter months. Don’t miss out. We’ll also have some sample clothing items for people to look at ahead of our clothing order for the 2015 season.The cost for this year’s AGM including food, coffee and non-alcoholic drinks is $5. Please sign up here today: 2014 BSCC AGM

There will be no rail trail ride this week on account of the AGM.

We are super excited offer all of you a series of Cyclocross Skills Courses every weekend until the end of November! UHC Pro Cycling’s Davide Frattini will be leading these clinics on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 9am until 10 or 10:30 at the Barrie Sports Complex. CX Bikes, Mountain bikes and even fat bikes are welcome to join. Club membership is required to participate. If you want to be coached by one of the best cyclists around, this is your opportunity don’t miss out!

See you at the AGM on Tuesday.


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Club AGM Details

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This weeks Club Report

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for the late email this week!

Our AGM is coming up on Tuesday November 18. This year’s AGM will be held at Kenzington Burger Bar in downtown Barrie beginning at 7pm.

We’ll be served a variety of slider style burgers, pop, tea and coffee throughout the evening, so come hungry for some good eats. There is also a great selection of beer available as well.

The AGM will feature updates from myself, our treasurer Cliff Lilley, our Cycling Strategy Coordinator Brendan Matheson and our two new School Travel Planning Coaches Linda & Grant.

Over the past year, a lot of the Clubs work has been championed by our events and rides subcommittee in addition to myself and Cliff. For the season ahead, we are looking to bolster the strength of our Board by increasing the number of members. To that end over the past several months I have had conversations with many folks about potentially joining us to help expand our capacity and continue growing the Club in years ahead.

I have received expressions of interest in joining the board from the following people: Graydon Oldfield, Craig Stevens, Kathleen Trainor and Connie White. If any of you reading this feel that you’d also consider joining the board, please send an email letting us know why, and what you’d like to bring to the board table. I’ll send any other candidates information out to the Club in an email next week. Suffice to say that I’m excited to see the Board expand to take on more responsibilities as our Club continues to grow for many years!

If you are planning to attend the AGM, please be aware that there will be a cost of $5 to help cover the costs for food etc at Kenzington. We are requesting that everyone who is coming to please sign up using the following Google Form so that we can have firm numbers to provide Kenzington with for our food orders. Please note that if you haven’t signed up, we can’t guarantee there will be food available for you on the 18th. Sign up here: 2014 BSCC AGM

Last Tuesday’s Rail Trail ride was a wet and soggy one. Looks like next week may be held in the snow. These rides are departing from the Trek Store downtown at 6:15 and regrouping at the 1st line Rail Trail parking lot for 6:30. Any type of bike is welcome, but please ensure you’ve got a strong, working front light!

Next Thursday on November 13, all Club Members are invited to the introductory open house of the RAD Room indoor compu-trainer studio. This new offering will be situated inside of the Trek Store in downtown Barrie and will be featuring early morning and evening rides that coincide with the Club’s summer ride schedule. Don’t miss the opportunity to come out and meet the coaches and trainers who will be offering support to Club members and other interested cyclists over the coming winter months. The open house kicks off at 6:30pm. Looking forward to seeing lots of you there!

See you at the RAD Room and/or the AGM!


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This week’s Club rides

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Hi Everyone,

It’s been a great season of riding under occasionally sunny skies, thanks to everyone for making it a great year.

This week we are kicking off Tuesday evening Rail Trail rides.

These rides will be leaving from the Trek Store downtown at 6:15 and then meeting up with others who wish to join from the parking lot on the 1st Line right at the Rail Trail. Any type of bike is welcome, be it Road, CX or MTB. The only prerequisites for this ride are a strong headlight mounted on your bars, or your helmet and a red flashing tail light. Big thanks to Jeremy from the Trek store for offering to take the lead and ensure this ride happens for everyone. The weather looks great for tomorrow, so it should be a nice ride!

Based on the cooler temps, the Sunday Touring ride will be shifting back an hour, now leaving from Memorial Square at 10am. Depending on people’s schedule the ride will likely last for two or three hours.

Club Clothing: We have a fair bit of inventory left, please Click here to Order!. As well, please let us know if you are looking to pick up some cooler weather gear. Jackets, vests etc. IF there is enough interest, we will place an order in the next week or so. Please respond to this email if you’d like some.

We are hosting a CX Race on Sunday November 2, and we are in need of volunteers. If you’re able to help out on Friday the 31st or either of Saturday and Sunday, please sign up here to let us know:  Baseball Cross Sign-Up Form

Thanks again for making it a great season, hope to see you all out on some of our late season rides too!


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Your Club rides this week

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Hi Everyone,

The evening light is getting shorter and shorter. This will be the final week of evening regular Club road rides. Next week we’ll be doing social and short rides on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, all finishing up at Tara for some great, easily shared food!

The weather is looking really nice this week! With some luck, there will be no need to check Twitter for the latest ride updates at all.

Tonight’s Ladies ride from Johnson’s Beach is on, with our now standard earlier start time of 6pm.

Tomorrow’s rides leaving from Sunnidale Park, and Memorial Square at 6:00 look like they may finally not be rained out! As usual we will enjoy some socializing at Pie on the Lakeshore after the rides.

Wednesday’s Intro Group ride will be departing from Johnson’s Beach at 6:00pm. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Our Morning Glory rides on Thursday & Friday morning have wrapped up for the season.

Last Thursday was the Interclub TT coupled with our Club Championships. Congratulations to the Newmarket Eagles for taking the Interclub Trophy back, and a big congratulations to Keith Richards for becoming the BSCC Club TT Champion! Great ride!

The Sunday Touring ride will be leaving from Memorial Square for 9am, and thus far the weather looks ideal!

Club Clothing: We still have a small amount of stock left, if you are wanting to rock the Club Colours, please order before it’s too late. Click here to Order!

The Club have been awarded an Ontario Cup Cyclocross race on Sunday November 2! If you’re interested in helping out with this awesome event, please sign up here: Baseball Cross Sign-Up Form

Our standard reminder to make sure you’ve got a rear flasher if you’re joining any of our evening rides. Be visible!


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This week’s Club rides & races

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Hi Everyone,

Summer has passed us by, and the daylight hours are shrinking. After this week, there will only be two more weeks of group riding. We’ll be having a post-ride meal at Tara after the final rides. Keep your schedule’s open!

The weather is looking pretty dry this week, with the exception of tonight. Please stay tuned to our Twitter for latest ride updates each day.

Tonight’s Ladies ride from Johnson’s Beach is off. The Radar says it’s going to rain here very soon.

Tomorrow’s rides leaving from Sunnidale Park, and Memorial Square at 6:00 look like they will actually have dry roads for a change! These rides will be starting at 6pm on account of the shorter days September brings. Please make sure you check the Twitter in case of cancellations. As usual we will enjoy some socializing at Pie on the Lakeshore after the rides.

Wednesday’s Intro Group ride will be departing from Johnson’s Beach at 6:00pm. The weather so far looks like it will be relatively warm and dry. See you there.

Our Morning Glory rides on Thursday & Friday morning should be good to go. Please note that this will be the final week for our early riders group. Thanks for making it a great season everyone!

Thursday night is our Club Championships/Interclub TT. Please come out and race with us, as we want to make sure to keep the pesky Newmarket Eagles from re-taking the vaunted Interclub TT Trophy! First rider off at 6:15 this week to get us home before dark. Please arrive with time to get signed in.
If you are able to volunteer for our final TT, please sign up to help out here: TT Sign Up

Saturday Morning’s Main event has completed for the season. Thanks to everyone who came out, and made this ride the great success it was this summer. Looking forward to it for next season already!

The Sunday Touring ride leaves Memorial Square at 9am as per usual.

Club Clothing: We had several more orders this week, thank you! If you’ve been thinking about grabbing a Club jersey, or shorts please order ASAP so we can order cool weather gear! Click here to Order!

The Club have been awarded an Ontario Cup Cyclocross race on Sunday November 2! If you’re interested in helping out with this awesome event, please sign up here: Baseball Cross Sign-Up Form

Our standard reminder to make sure you’ve got a rear flasher if you’re joining any of our evening rides. Be visible especially on these lower light days!



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