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Club Rides this Week!

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This week’s Club rides

Hi Everyone,

A couple of housekeeping items to run through before the ride updates.

Club Clothing: We have still got quite a bit of inventory from this year’s Club kit order. We have had several of you inquire about cooler weather kit which is something we’re considering, however based on the current sales, this could prove difficult. If you’ve been thinking about grabbing a Club jersey, or shorts please order ASAP so we can order cool weather gear! Click here to Order!

In some other exciting news the Club have been awarded an Ontario Cup Cyclocross race on Sunday November 2! If you’re interested in helping out with this awesome event, please sign up here: Baseball Cross Sign-Up Form

The weather is looking better than last week, but not great! , for Weds or Thurs. Please stay tuned to our Twitter for latest ride updates each day.

Tonight’s Ladies ride from Johnson’s Beach at 6:30pm is on as scheduled! Last week there were 14 ladies out to enjoy the ride, our largest group yet. Great to see the interest and growth for this ride.

Our MTB is also good to go. From Midhurst tonight at 7pm, looking like a perfect night for Trail riding! On a somewhat sad note, but also an exciting one, our dedicated ride leader of the past few seasons will be moving to Toronto in the coming weeks and so tonight may be the last opportunity to ride with Sander. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Sander for all of his great help with the MTB ride, he’s been a great leader and advocate and we’re sorry to be losing him. We are happy that he won’t need to endure the daily commute to the City any longer though! All the best Sander!!

Tomorrow’s rides leaving from Sunnidale Park, and Memorial Square at 6:30 look like they’ll be under sunny skies! The Race and Training paced rides leaving from Sunnidale will probably do about 65k as the daylight is leaving us quickly.. The Touring and Social rides from downtown will likely do between 50-60kms. Don’t forget to join us at Pie on the Lakeshore after for some socializing and re-fuelling.

Wednesday’s Intro Group ride will be departing from Johnson’s Beach at 6:30pm. I am looking forward to seeing lot of you there again this week. Do check the Twitter if the weather is questionable, otherwise assume we’re riding!

Our Morning Glory rides on Thursday & Friday morning again hopefully will have no weather related issues, though Thursday may be questionable at this point. Departing from Johnson’s beach at 6am both days.

Thursday night is TT night. We’ve been averaging about 11 riders this season, it would be great to see these numbers grow. Why wait? Come on out this week.
Volunteers, please sign up to help out here: TT Sign Up

Saturday Morning’s Main event looks like it will have good weather. This is a great ride out to Honeywood with a stop in Creemore around the halfway mark. Leaves from St. Joan of Arc at the bottom of Mapleton at 8am.

The Sunday Touring ride leaves Memorial Square at 9am and has been averaging about 2.5-3hours recently.

Our standard reminder to make sure you’ve got a rear flasher if you’re joining any of our evening rides. Be visible!


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Your weekly Club ride update!

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This week’s Club rides

Hi Everyone,

The weather is looking pretty much perfect for riding this week! Please stay tuned to our Twitter for latest ride updates each day.

We’ve created a group on Facebook that is secret, only members can see who is in it, or what’s posted there. We have heard from many of you looking for an easy way to communicate with fellow Club members. We believe this group will make it far easier for all of you to look for ride partners outside of the Club rides and lots of other cool stuff. I’ve sent an email invite to every registered member of the Club, if you didn’t receive one, please let me know.

I’d also like to point out that we have a Club page on Strava too that could potentially also be used to arrange rides and stuff. Please check it out and join us there also: BSCC on Strava.

Tonight’s rides leaving from Sunnidale Park, and Memorial Square at 6:30 look like they’ll have perfect weather. The Race and Training paced rides leaving from Sunnidale will probably do about 70k. The Touring and Social rides from downtown will likely do between 55-60kms. Don’t forget to join us at Pie on the Lakeshore after for some socializing and re-fuelling.

Wednesday’s Intro Group ride will be departing from Johnson’s Beach at 6:30pm. This group has been growing each week, alongside the distance and average pace. It’s great to see so many of you progressing to joining the Monday & Tuesday rides from this group!

Our Morning Glory rides on Thursday & Friday morning again look like they will have no weather related issues. Departing from Johnson’s beach at 6am both days.

Thursday night is TT night. We do require at least 2 volunteers to help with timing and the turn, please sign up to help out here: TT Sign Up

Saturday Morning’s Main event looks like it will have good weather, with warm temps and lots of sun. I can’t stress enough how much fun the Honeywood climb and descent are!

The Sunday Touring ride leaves Memorial Square at 9am and has been averaging about 2.5-3hours recently. Leaving from Memorial Square at 9am. Last week we did about 80k on a glorious, wind-free sunshiney day.

Our standard reminder to make sure you’ve got a rear flasher if you’re joining any of our evening rides. Be visible!


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This week’s rides

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The weather is looking unsettled this week, please stay tuned to our Twitter for latest ride updates each day.

Tonight’s Ladies ride from Johnson’s Beach at 6:30pm is still on, we are keeping our fingers crossed the rain doesn’t develop until later. 

Our MTB ride is also on for tonight at 7pm leaving from the Board of Ed building in Medhurst. Trails are truly at their best, it’s a great time to MTB!

Tomorrow’s rides leaving from Sunnidale Park, and Memorial Square at 6:30 will happen, provided there is not rain falling from the sky. The Race and Training paced rides leaving from Sunnidale will probably do about 75k. The Touring and Social rides from downtown will likely do between 55-70kms. Looking forward to seeing many of you at Pie after the ride.

Wednesday’s Intro Group ride will be departing from Johnson’s Beach at 6:30pm. Please read our Tweets for updates in case of rain. This ride has been growing each week, and is a great way to get used to group riding with a support group of Club members.

Our Morning Glory rides should be good to go, the forecast looks better for Thursday & Friday. These rides leave from Johnson’s Beach at 6am.

Thursday night is our bi-weekly TT night. We are still in need of volunteers to help time and watch the turn. I’ve created a simple Google form that you can use to sign up. Please do so here: TT Sign Up 

Saturday Morning’s Main event is likely changing up a bit this week. The forecast is looking good for both Saturday & Sunday this week. In all likelihood we’ll be riding around Lake Simcoe on Saturday morning. Leaving from downtown at 8am. This 205km ride is mostly flat, and is a really enjoyable trip. If you haven’t been out before now’s the time. Looking forward to seeing a lot of people out for this ride!

The Sunday Touring ride leaves Memorial Square at 9am and has been averaging about three hours the last few weeks.

Again I’d like to remind everyone who is taking part in our group rides to read the group ride guidelines we’ve sent out. Become familiar with the social pace line, and practice it on all rides. We have been receiving some feedback from local municipalities, and the OPP about some of our group rides generating a lot of complaints with riders 3 and 4 wide, and nobody making attempts to allow vehicles pass by. This could lead to the OPP targeting our group rides, something none of us want!


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Your Club rides this week

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Hey everyone! It’s time for another weekly club update.

Tonight’s Ladies and MTB rides are both still on, this weather looks to be clearing up. Please check out our twitter feed for the latest updates. Ladies are riding from Johnson’s Beach at 630pm. Tonight’s MTB ride goes at 7pm, from the Board of Ed building in Midhurst.

Tomorrow night our Tuesday evening rides leave from Sunnidale and downtown at 6:30pm. If you feel like having some race pace fun or want to get a solid training ride, come to Sunnidale. For a more social ride, meet at Fred Grant square downtown. Don’t forget to come to out to PIE on Victoria St. afterwards for some pizza J

Wednesday is our third weekly Introductory Group Ride. We had a great group, and a fantastic ride. Looking forward to seeing more out this week! Meet at Johnson’s Beach for 6:30pm.

6am on Thursday is our weekly Morning Glory Ride, leaving from Johnson’s Beach. This group has been seeing between 6 and 8 people each week, if you’re a morning person this is the ride for you!

Last Thursday’s TT was one of the largest ever for the Club, with 21 participants. Looking forward to the next one. This Thursday evening we’ll be doing our crit training ride at the South end course on King & Reid Streets. An hour of structured riding goes off at 7pm.

Saturday morning’s Main Event Ride will be leaving a bit earlier based on popular demand. It will depart at 8am from St. Joan of Arc.

Bike Week was a huge success in Barrie. Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time, rode their bikes to work, and attended some of the events. Already planning has begun for next year! A note that our geocaching contest is ongoing until the 26th of June so there’s still time to win the luggage set that CAASCO has donated to us.


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Summer Hours have arrived!

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Welcome to the weekly Club update email.

Tonight’s Ladies and MTB Rides are cancelled, due to our ride leaders needing/enjoying time at their respective cottages. Both will return next week, starting at 6:30pm.

Summer hours have arrived! This week our Tuesday evening rides shift their start time to 6:30 on account of the longer days. Hopefully this will make it easier for a lot of you to join us. A reminder that we have two rides leaving from Sunnidale, the Race pace, and the Training ride. These are serious rides, where people can be left behind. Make sure you’re self sufficient, and know the area.
Our downtown rides are a more social pace, and people aren’t typically left behind. However, these rides are geared towards folks who do have group riding experience, and who have been on their bikes already this year. Both rides leave at 6:30pm. All rides meeting at Pie Wood Fired Pizza on Victoria St afterwards for some suds.

Weds evening marks the start of our Introductory Group Ride. This is the ride to join if you haven’t got a lot of group riding experience, and/or your fitness isn’t where you’d like it to be yet. This ride will not leave anyone behind, and will work to go longer and further each week. Starting from Johnson’s Beach at 630pm.

Thursday’s Morning Glory ride shifts to it’s summer start time of 6am as well this week.

Thursday evening kicks off our Crit training series. We’ll be running this at the Youth Race Course at King & Reid St in the South end. This is a really great opportunity to get used to riding with people close beside you, at speed through corners. If you have interest in racing one day, this is a great ride to start learning the tactics of road racing. Structured riding kicks off at 7pm for an hour.

Saturday Morning’s Main Event ride, a fast paced ride for experienced cyclists will be leaving St. Joan of Arc again at 9am this week.

Sunday’s Touring Ride leaves downtown at 9am, and is typically a three hour ride.

Also on Sunday is the second interclub Race of the year. This week’s course is in Beeton. I’m sure I’ll see many of you there!

Monday May 26 marks the kick off to Bike Week Barrie, with the City & School Boards declaring it Bike to School/Work day. The Club with partners from Pie, the farmhouse and Cravings, along with the SMDHu will be offering a free community breakfast for all who arrive by bike to City Hall from 8am-930. Featuring fresh fruit, granola, yogurt, and pancakes. Make sure to tell your co-workers, and join us!

Saturday May 31 the Club are hosting a Bike Basecamp at Memorial Square for the day. We’ll be featuring a community ride for anyone, a bicycle rodeo with the Barrie Police, Bike Geocaching and all kinds of other fun activities. Bring the family down and check it out!

Finally, a safety note. If you’re joining us on any one of our evening rides, please ensure that your bike has a red flasher for the back of it. We want to make sure everyone is as safe and visible as possible!


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Volunteers Needed!

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hi everyone,

Are you enjoying our rapid change in seasons? It was 29 degrees locally on Monday. Amazing!

This weekend the Club have one of our largest events of the entire year. Our Annual Youth Cup Race, and this year we’ve added a women’s only road race to take place on the same closed roads after the Youth Race wraps up.

We are still in need of some good volunteers to help ensure we put on a safe, and enjoyable race for everyone.
If you can spare some time, any time on Saturday, could you please click this link and let us know?

Our initial Learn to Group ride seminar was well attended, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the graduates at the kick off to our Introductory Group Ride next Weds, leaving Johnson’s Beach at 630. If there is demand from you, we will offer another session in 4 weeks time when our facilitator is available again.

As a reminder, next week all rides shift to their summer time slots. This means Monday MTB rides will begin at 630, Tuesdays group rides will also be starting at 630. The Thursday Morning Glory ride will shift the opposite way, going to 6am next week. Our Crit training rides start next Thursday evening at 7pm. You can keep up to date on all of our rides by visiting our ride calendar here:

Looking forward to seeing many of you at Saturday’s Youth & Ladies race!


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Spring Weather at last?

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Hello Everyone,

Well, it’s finally here. A week with at least average temps forecast every day. Exciting!
Our 2014 Season kicked off last week with our Ridge Road clean up. Thanks to more than a dozen of you, we were done and cleaned up by 11:30 this year. Great work, and much thanks to everyone who pitched in for this community initiative!

This week we are to be racing the Tri Club in the Heart & Stroke BIG BIKE race on Thursday evening. We’re severely lacking in team members for this fun, and important fundraiser. Please sign up and join us:

The Club Rides committee are still looking for people interested in helping out with the many rides we offer each week. Notably we’d like to see a Sunday ‘Cruise’ ride, and a Saturday group MTB ride get off the ground. Additionally, we are looking for people to help lead our Intro Road Rides this season. This ride is crucial, as it’s the best ride for many of our new members to build their skills and confidence, and it’s a place we ALL once were. To aid in recruiting assistants for this ride, the committee have decided to shift this ride to Wednesdays, instead of Tuesdays. The Ride will still be leaving from Johnson’s Beach, but it will be starting on Wednesday evenings in two weeks time. If you have time on Weds to help newer cyclists build their skills, reach out and let us know. Also, if you, or you have friends looking for a ride they can join and have fun on their hybrid style bikes, this is is definitely the one!

This week’s rides kick off with the ladies ride tonight. Heading out of Johnson’s Beach at 6:30pm. Last week more than 10 women were out, and tonight’s weather looks far better! Have a great ride.

Tomorrow we’ve got two rides on offer. The Social paced ride from downtown is geared towards members who have some group riding experience, but haven’t been on the bike much yet this season. All attempts will be made to keep the group together so that nobody is left behind. The Training ride from Sunnidale is intended to be a self sufficient ride, that will continue even if folks are being left behind. Make sure you know your fitness, and that you’re able to get home alone if you get dropped. This is not the ‘race’ ride however, so it should be a smooth ride for everyone. Both rides leave at 6pm, and we’ll be grouping up at Pie Wood Fired Pizza on Victoria St after for some tasty pie.

Thursday morning, our Morning Glory ride will be leaving from Johnson’s Beach at 6:30am. This low key, smoothly paced ride is a great way to start the day, come and check it out!

Saturday morning brings us the first in what I suspect will become a favourite for many of you. Saturday Morning’s Main Event will be heading out from St. Joan of Arc Catholic Secondary School at the foot of Mapleton Ave for 9am. This ride is expected to be fast, aggressive, and full of effort. Be self-sufficient, and fit. Expect many KOMs to fall during these rides.

Sunday we’ll be leaving from Memorial Square downtown Barrie for 9am on our touring ride. This ride is usually 2hours, but can be stretched out, depending on the feeling of the group. We always finish at Kenzington Burger Bar for at least a Caesar Slider afterwards though!

Our Learn to Group ride program is filling up. If you’ve already given me your name, then chances are you’ve heard from Marc our amazing facilitator. If you are interested, but have not contacted me yet, please ensure you do that this week!!

Please take another moment to re-read our updated ride guidelines for 2014, as they contain several changes from how we’ve done things in previous years. I’ll attach them again for your convenience.

Happy riding, keep the rubber side down!


bscc ride guidelines

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A Call to Action

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Hello Members,

It’s been a busy week of new registrations, and I want to welcome all of you to the Barrie/Simcoe Cycling Club! We are looking forward to our biggest, and best season yet!

Our Group road rides kicked off last Tuesday, with decent sized groups riding out of both Sunnidale Park, and Memorial Square. The same rides will be taking place again this Tuesday, though the forecast looks a bit wet at the moment.

This Monday sees our ladies road ride kick off the season from Johnson’s Beach. Don’t even think twice about joining this great group of women!

Our Thursday Morning Glory ride also began last week on a cool and damp morning. Here’s hoping for nicer weather this week. Leaving from Johnson’s Beach at 6:30am.

This season, we are introducing a new group ride technique, one which we’re adopting from the Collingwood Cycling Club. It’s called the Social Paceline, and it has some great safety and social benefits. We don’t ever need to be wider than 2 abreast on the road, and everyone has an opportunity to ride beside one another through the course of the ride. The thing which makes the Social Paceline social, is that unlike a race paceline, the leaders remain stationary on the front for a period of time between rotations. It’s not a constant flow. I am attaching a PDF, and I would like for everyone to take the time to read it entirely. It outlines our ride practices, procedures, and goes into more detail about how the social paceline works. Please read this, and listen, and be cooperative with this season’s ride leaders as they work with each group to get engrain this new style of riding.

Speaking of Ride Leaders, the Club are still looking for some more people to help lead weekly road rides, and Saturday MTB rides. The Club is willing to offer first-aid and coaching training if anyone would like it. The ride committee have also worked out some other benefits to becoming a leader and helping the Club’s rides continue to grow this season. If you are interested in helping out, there will be a ride leaders coordination meeting taking place on Monday evening at Pie Wood Fired Pizza on Victoria St at 8pm. Come out, the Club will buy you a beer and a pizza in exchange for your time and help. Please shoot a quick note if you’re intending to join, so that we can have an appropriate number of seats.

Tomorrow marks our third annual adopted road clean-up day. Please take 2 hours of your time to come and lend a hand cleaning up Ridge Road through the town of Shanty Bay. This is a great way for the Club to give back to many of the people whom our group rides impact when we choose to head out Ridge Road. Join us at 10am, at Range Road an Ridge Road. We’ll bring coffee, donuts, safety vests & garbage bags! We may even make it to Kenzington for Burgers afterwards care of the Club. Our Sunday Road rides will begin next week!

Coming up quickly, on Star Wars day, Sunday May the 4th be with you, we’ll be hosting the first race in this year’s interclub Road Race series with Mountainview, Newmarket and Owen Sound. We need a few more volunteers, so please let us know if you can help. We’d need you from about 9am-1pm at the Oro Fairgrounds.

On Thursday May 8, the Club will be battling against the Barrie Tri Club on the Heart & Stroke Big Bikes around the Innisfil Downs racetrack. The Tri Club defeated us in the last match, so we really need to win our honour back this year. We need 29 committed riders to make this happen, and we’re short. The race is at 6:30pm on Thursday, please sign up now, and join our team!

Please take the time to read the ride guidelines, and we’ll see many of you tomorrow for our road clean-up!


bscc ride guidelines

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Welcome to the 2014 BSCC Season

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Hello Club Members,

Welcome to the 2014 season with the Barrie/Simcoe Cycling Club. BSCC. We’re so glad that you’ve chosen to join, and ride with us this year. We have so many great people, fantastic rides, and some pretty cool events for you! The Club was formed in 2005, and have promoted road, and off-road riding since inception. Today we find ourselves hosting Provincial Race events, including a first of it’s kind, ladies only road race on May 17! We host more than 7 rides each week for you to enjoy, in addition to our Interclub Race series, Big Bike race, and community events like Bike to School/Work day coming up on May 26.

We encourage people of all ages and ability to get out, and ride their bikes. Be it off-road on trails, on the road, going downhill with chairlift rides back-up, or cranking off supermans & 360s at parks like Joyride. We may not have a ride for every occasion (yet), but we love to hear about more people getting on, and falling in love with bikes!

Over the winter, our newly struck subcommittees have been hard at work, getting things lined up to make sure that this season is the best one for the Club yet.

The Rides Committee have been working with Ride Leaders, and have determined an amazing schedule of rides for this season. Please check out the 2014 Events calendar for a listing of rides and events we have planned for the season ahead. There are a couple more additions not added, namely a Saturday road ride, and a Saturday MTB ride. Details are just being finalized for each those, and we’ll update accordingly.
Monday: Ladies Road Ride, MTB Group Ride
Tuesday: Intro, Social, Touring, Training, and Race Road Rides all finishing at Pie Wood Pizza for Social night!
Weds: Midweek Wheelers Daytime Ride, Weds Night Pre-Ride @ Hardwood
Thurs: Morning Glory Ride, Pursuit/Crit Training Ride, Alternate Weeks 15k TT
Saturday: Road & MTB rides TBA.
Sunday: Road Touring Ride with a finish at Kenzington Burger Bar for post-ride lunch!
Check the full calendar and ride descriptions here:

The Development Committee have been working on three fronts at once. Our ongoing high performance development program which we started last year. As well they’ve been hard at work putting together a comprehensive Master’s program. Aimed towards both MTB, and Road racing folks looking for a team to ride and train with. If you have interest in this, please let us know, and we can get you the details.
Finally, and perhaps most excitingly, the Dev Committee have been working with some local Elementary Schools, and it looks like we’ll soon be offering some bike skills training to School students this year. On an afterschool basis for the time being, but we certainly hope to see this type of training added back into the curriculum at some point soon.

The Events Committee have been putting together an incredible season of exciting stuff! The first event of the year, is our annual Adopt-a-Road clean up day, which will be held on Sunday April 27, coinciding with Earth Day weekend. We’ll be meeting at Range Road, and Ridge road for 10am. It won’t take more than 2hours. Please come out and give some of your time. Many hands make light work!

Our second event for the season is the classic Oro Short Interclub, and it’s being held on Sunday, May 4 this year. If you are able to volunteer at this event, please let us know. We need about 4 people to ensure things go smoothly.

Our third event for this season is the Big Bike Race for Heart and Stroke. We’ll be racing against the Barrie Tri Club to reclaim our dignity after they beat us by 1 second, 2 years ago at the same race. Please sign up to fundraise for Heart & Stroke, and to help us kick some butt! The Race is Thursday, May 8 at 630pm, and it’s being held at Innisfil Downs. Please sign up to join us here:

Our Fourth, and largest event of the season, is this year’s Youth Cup Race, traditionally held out of WR Best in Oro. This year, we’ve been given a full road closure to use our Crit course in the south end of Barrie. This is very exciting, as it provides an incredibly safe course. After the Youth Cup wraps up, we are SO excited to be hosting Ontario’s first Ladies only Road Race using the same course, with the same closed roads. This is meant to provide an open, and inviting atmosphere for women of all experience levels to try a race. If you’ve never tried racing, or even if you have, please consider coming out for our race! In addition to the above races, we are hoping to host a family fun ride, for 1 lap of the race course, with finisher medals for anyone who wishes to give it a shot. We’re just working out timing to ensure this will fit. If you’d like to volunteer, or know of others who may, please spread the word, and let us know!

Following up on the Youth Cup/Women’s race will be Barrie’s 5th Annual Bike Week from May 26-June 1. This year, the Club are participating with two events. In partnership with the SCDSB and the City, we are hosting a City-wide Bike to School/Work day, so please mark that day on your calendar, and leave the car at home, if it’s at all possible! On Sunday May 31st, we’ll be hosting a community ride and bike rodeo downtown at Memorial Square. More details will be forthcoming soon!

Our next major events take place later in the year, and you’ll hear lots about them then!

For those who are new to riding, or group riding, Marc Brouillette has once again offered to lead an intro to group riding seminar. This typically runs 4 Saturday mornings for 2-3hours, beginning in May. If you are interested in this type of a program, please let us know ASAP, and we will get some dates and times pinned down.

Later in the season, the Dev committee will be working to offer some Learn to race programming as well. Let us know if you’re interested in this, and we’ll ensure you’re kept in the loop.

As part of our ongoing Ontario Trillium Foundation funding we will be able to help Club members become certified as NCCP/CS4L coaches, become certified Ontario Cycling Race Commissaires, and gain valuable First Aid training this season. If you have any interest in learning new skills, getting new certifications, and giving back to the Club, please email us right away and let us know your interest please!

Hopefully you purchased a jersey with your membership, but if not, you’re still able to, by visiting our registration portal, located here:

Finally, Hardwood Ski & Bike would like to offer a 25% discount on summer trail passes and summer season passes to BSCC members (discount is on regular pricing only). As well, they would like to offer 10% off of summer merchandise in the retail store (once again off regular prices). You will need your 2014 BSCC Membership Card in order to take advantage of this discount, please contact me to get your card.

Again, welcome to, or back to the Barrie/Simcoe Cycling Club. Looking forward to getting out for a ride with each one of you at some point this season. Starting next week!


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Could it be, riding season soon?

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Hello Fellow Cyclists!

Could it be, that Spring has finally arrived for us in Simcoe County? It certainly feels like it these last few days. With some luck, we’ll be able to celebrate with our annual Pancake ride out to Shaw’s Pancake house soon. Typically this ride takes place on the first Sunday the temp is forecast for double digits. It may even happen this week. I know there was a group of Club members who went out for a ride yesterday to take advantage of the weather!

This email is going to all members from last season, as well as all who have registered for this season already. I want to thank and welcome all of our new members, and remind those of you who have yet to register, that riding season is here soon!

We have 2 more days to accept Jersey orders at our pre-order pricing, please don’t wait if you want one, we will not be able to guarantee sizes if you haven’t pre-ordered. This can be done through our registration provider’s website.

We have an incredible season of rides, events, and races coming up. Our subcommittees have been hard at work, and we look forward to sharing the details of this season’s rides with you in the coming week. Likewise for our 2014 event schedule, as well as our rider development plans for the season ahead. Lots of growth and progress from last year’s efforts.

One very exciting detail to share, is that our Youth Cup race is moving. This year, working with the City of Barrie, and some local businesses, we have managed to secure a full road closure for this year’s race, being held on May 17. This has opened up a few different opportunities. Not only can we provide one of the safest, and most accessible courses on the Youth Cup Calendar, but we are also offering an opportunity for parents to bring their kids who our younger than 10yrs old out, to do a lap of the race course (1.7km) after the Youth Race wraps up. Following that, we will be hosting Ontario’s first ever, Women’s only road race. An Australian Pursuit style race, on a crit course. This should be super exciting, and we’re really pumped to offer the opportunity!

In advance of our formal committee announcements, we have put together a little mind map, that covers the majority of the Club’s ongoing activities for the season ahead. Please feel free to comment, or add to it. Also, if you see an activity that you feel you could help with, please let us know, volunteers are always appreciated! I can announce that we’ll be racing the Barrie Tri Club again on the Big Bikes at Georgian Downs to benefit the Heart & Stroke Foundation. We’ll be racing on May 8, and need 30 people to join our team! Register here:

Stay tuned to this space for announcements about our rides and events for the year ahead, as well as a timeline for our Club Clothing to arrive. Get your orders in today. Keep in touch with us on Twitter @BarrieCycling, and on Facebook /BarrieCycling as well.

A quick note that there is a bike swap ongoing at Hardwood Ski & Bike this Sunday, from 9am-4pm. If you’re in the market, or have something to unload, definitely worth checking this out!

Finally, this will be the last email those members from last year will receive from us, please ensure you register with us for this season to be kept on the email loop moving forward. Thanks for an awesome season last year, let’s make this one even better!


Barrie Cycling Club


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